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$99 SEO Blueprint
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SEO Blueprint

Keyword Analysis
Optimize Your HomePage
Step By Step Action Plan
$99. Fully Guaranteed

The SEO Blueprint is a road map to success. Google and the other major search engines have rules and methods that they use in order to determine what sites belong on the first page for a particular keyword phrase. You want your site to be on the first page? Then you’ve got to know the rules and you must have a plan that you can follow. The SEO Blueprint is exactly that plan.

The SEO Blueprint will provide you the following:

1. Keyword Analysis-The Theme of Your Website
First we conduct a through review of the many possible keyword phrases that make sense for your business. We share that list with you and consult in order to narrow it down to the top 3 keyword choices based on how many Google searches are made each month for each of the possible keyword phrases. This insures that all of your SEO efforts will be targeted in the right direction.

2. Optimize Your Home Page Meta Tags
We will create optimized meta tags for the home page of your site based on the results of the Keyword Analysis. The home page is the most important page on your website and it must be set up correctly if you are going to compete for top placement.  The meta tags that we will create are the Title, Description and the Keywords Tags.

3. Adding Fresh Content To Your Site
In addition we will give you a detailed explanation on how you (or your SEO company) should be adding fresh content to your site. Fresh, relevant content is critical if you wish to rank on the first page of Google. We will provide an easy to understand checklist for you to use in creating these content pages for your site.

4. Obtaining Links From Other Sites
In a competitive environment links from other sites can make the difference. But you must be careful. Obtainning quality links from others should not be done without a full understanding of how and why it should be done. We provide you with this information and a plan of attack.

5. Measuring Your Results
As you work towards your goal of being on the first page of Google for your select keywords, you should track your (or your SEO company's) efforts. We provide you with an easy to follow system of keeping track of where your are in the process.

6. Useful Tools
Over the years we have complied a list of many useful tools that are available to help you analyze your (or your SEO company's) efforts. We provide you with this list

How Much?
SEO Blueprint has a one time $99 investment and it is fully guaranteed. You don't think it's worth it, then we'll give you back your $99. Fair enough?

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