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Ian Tyler
Thank you Craig for all your help in getting my online business up and running. I couldn't have done it without you.

Marcia Jones
I really appreciate the Marketing Machine. It has helped me so many times. Not being an expert in marketing, it's nice to know someone like you who knows how to break it down into terms that I can understand.

Susan Cohen
Honestly I'm somewhat mixed about you offering all your information freely to my competition. I was hoping to keep it all bottled up ;-).

Make Sure Your Website Is A Winner

If you are not getting the leads and sales from your website strategy, there are only two possible reasonspoor website design and/or poor website promotion. Both can be fixed.

POOR DESIGN. It May Not Be What You Think. A lot of agents worry a great deal about the art design of their website and do not spend enough time worrying about the things that matter. Do not get me wrong. A beautiful website is important but just as important are web content pages, a good IDX, lead capture pages and a good email software system for follow up.

POOR WEBSITE PROMOTION. You Will Be Lost Without It. Ever since the Internet began, thousands of real estate agents simply give up when it comes to promoting their Website. Believe me, I know it can seem complicated but it really is necessary and not all that difficult when your website and your marketing strategy are integrated. In other words, Design and Promotion work together. Promoting a website that is not designed to attract leads is a waste of time. A magnificent website that is not promoted will sit like a lump of dirt in the forest, completely ignored.

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