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Here Are The Facts

96% of PC owners conduct local searches
46% of all Google searches are local
64% of local customers use search engines and directories as their main way to find local business

Let Us Get You On The First Page

Our job is to get you on the first page of Google and Bing Local Search results. Fortunately, you don't have to beat out the big real estate sites such as Zillow, Trulia and They are not local businesses and as such are NOT eligible to be listed in the Local Search results. You only have to do better than the other real estate agents that are located in your area. We know how to beat them and we will make it happen for you. If you're not quite sure of what I'm talking about, then click here for a more detailed explanation of how Local Search works and how it will benefit you.
How We Do It

1. We Claim and Optimize Your Local Listings With Google and Bing. Because you have a business, you have a right to claim your listing on both Google and Bing. Claiming your listing involves completing a lengthy form accurately. To optimize your local listing, you must provide additional information in such a way that can improve your ranking. We handle all these details for you. And, if you already have claimed your listing, but have not completed the optimization process, we will do that for you.

2. We Get You Listed on Important Citation Sites. This list includes Yahoo Local, Yelp, Facebook Business, Angie's List and many more. Citation sites are just one of the many factors that Google and Bing use when ranking a business for a Local Search results. They must be completed accurately and in a manner supportive of improving Local Search results.

3. We Set Up and Manage Your Review System. Customer reviews are very important in order to compete for Local Search results. This is one of the major factors that Google and Bing use in determining where you'll rank. Additionally, it helps when someone does find you that there are several favorable reviews touting your experience and excellent services. We'll show you how to get favorable reviews.

4. We Analyze Your Existing Site. Your current website plays a role in all of this. Google and Bing will take information from your website and use it to create a profile on your business. That profile is added to the mix of items that are used in creating the Local Search results. We will analyze the meta tags and content on your site and make suggestions for improvement.

5. We Write Original Copy About Your City. Somewhere on your website you need a City page that shows Google and Bing that you truly are connected to the city in which your office is located. It's another factor that weighs in on determining Local Search results. We will write the content that can be uploaded to your site.

6. We Are Always There For You. We offer unlimited and timeless support for this service. You may contact us anytime the need arises and we will assist you.
Our Fee

Local Search Optimization Service. We charge a one-time fee of $495. Half due on initiation of the job and the balance due upon completion, which is normally 30 days from the start date.

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Listen to Our Clients

Thank you Craig for all your help in getting my online business up and running. I couldn't have done it without you.
Ian Tyler

I really appreciate the Marketing Machine. It has helped me so many times. Not being an expert in marketing, it's nice to know someone like you who knows how to break it down into terms that I can understand.
Marcia Jones

Honestly I'm somewhat mixed about you offering all your information freely to my competition. I was hoping to keep it all bottled up ;-).
Susan Cohen